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17 May, 2010, Monday / Duylam

Summer of 2010

This is the 19th summer I’ve gone through in my life. As far as chasing my dreams, this summer and this school year has taken me further than ever before. But as things get bigger and better, it also starts to really clutter my mind.

So I’m going to start tracking things with this blog. Firstly, I’m going to record my journey as I find people who are as excited as I am about creating a user generated product development start-up (that’s a fuckin mouth full). I hope this will be taking a majority of time because A) I’m picky as I don’t know what about the people I surround myself with and B) I’ll actually find people.

Oh yeah so I’ve been taking classes at Olin College of Engineering to satisfy my need for a design education, and I’ve decided to start self-studying and get a Mechanical Engineering certificate over Olin.

So right now, I’m self-studying for Physics I & Calculus I through the MIT open courseware and some books I have around. I already took phyz I & calc I at VCU but what the hay I could always use a refresher. Be prepared for some bitching on my end, and some insights as well for efficient self-studying.

& rendering. I’m learning how to create 3d models & render with Rhino 3D & Vray. It’s actually pretty cheap for both if you’re a student (you can buy the student version of Rhino) and if you have a friend (that’s how I got Vray). better watch out for my amazing cups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that’s about it for now, my dear blog. <3 you.


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