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21 January, 2011, Friday / Duylam

Feeling the need for creativity?

Moodstream™ by Getty Images.

Check out the Moodstream by Getty Images. It cycles through music, images, and videos according to mood settings. Slickkkkk.

6 December, 2010, Monday / Duylam

Jesus Christ I was going to switch…

from WordPress to Tumblr. And I kind of want to because Tumblr just gives me more freedom, but…I’m willing to make this work, WordPress. <3. Luh you.

16 July, 2010, Friday / Duylam

horizontals + verticals = plaid

12 July, 2010, Monday / Duylam

More Apps on Dumbphones

Great article, and interesting perspective on app development from Sebastian Anthony of Downloadsquad. Apps on Dumbphones

Basic summation:

  • there are ~7 billion people
  • there are ~5 billion people
  • ~71% of the world has a phone
  • (my own factoid) there are ~1 billion people (roughly a sixth of the world population) who starve and cannot afford the basic needs

Can you imagine that? In 3rd world and developing countries, there is an abundance of cell phones, but not education. The economic data of that statement might be faulty, but hopefully you see the point.

Sebastian basically calls developers into action by asking if we could help those with a cell phone by making education and apps, modular and scalable. An English-to-(insert language) dictionary, as he proposes. Or a Bible. Or rather Wikipedia.

interesting, Sebastian. very interesting.

11 July, 2010, Sunday / Duylam

Note to all entrepreneurs…get someone from the Paypal team

okays. I was reading about the background of  all these newfangled companies, such as Yelp, LinkedIn, Tesla Motors (did you see their stock go? talk about manipulation), Keva, etc, etc.

Very interesting theme among all of them – all had an ex-Paypal employee.

Check this blog out for more information:

It could give you some insights on the culture you want.

10 July, 2010, Saturday / Duylam

Well, gee golly, J. Cole

2 June, 2010, Wednesday / Duylam



Self-studying for calculus and physics is not going as planned…but rhino3d is going fan-fuckin-tas-tic.

Check out these cups I rendered. Ballin.

But don’t worry, internet netherspace. I’ll get on calculus & physics grind.

Cuz you know I’m trying to follow the MIT mechanical engineering curriculum.